Green Safety Limited is a strong and reliable safety company, as the need for safety keeps growing by the day, due to the damages in our homes, offices and factories due to avoidable hazards. So there is a great need to have safety professionals who has in-depth knowledge of safety to help secure your home, facilities, company, churches and factories. Just few weeks ago one of our delighted costumers shared an intriguing and an eye opening  story with us, please enjoy and learn….

“I just got to know about  Green Safety Limited just few weeks ago I came to discover this world class Safety companies in Lagos, this was how ….

Prior to when this incident happened, I have been reading several writings about safety online, but never took any of them seriously, until it happened to me. I was  in my office when I heard a spark noise, I became alerted so I rushed out. Then I started looking for where the sparking sound could be coming from, as I was about going back to my office, I heard another spark with a bright flash afar. This time everyone in the building got alerted, the sparked up a fire in the electrical box. And gradually the fire started ravaging every flammable material around. We all started panicking running from wall to wall looking for fire extinguisher to quench the growing fire. And suddenly I heard a squash sound, one of the company staff has mixed detergent with water to quench the blazing fire.  While he was trying to save the day, he got electrocuted in the process. He was lucky enough to have survived the incident and still our hero. So this unfortunate incident prompted me to search for safety companies in Lagos, several Safety companies in Lagos pop up. The very safety company that got my fantasy was Green Safety Limited, so I contacted and a Superman coming to rescue a crisis, they came to install ultra-modern safety gadget (Fire extinguishers, Fire alarms, fire detectors, fire signage etc.), they also trained and enlightened our staffs about safety. These guys are so professional but yet very friendly and responsive, now my company can operate with no worries of safety because Green Safety has got us all covered. I also contracted them to take care of my home safety, knowing they did a wonderful job in regards to safety of my company.”

I hope you have learnt one or two things from this customer, so when you are looking for a reliable safety company, it’s most suitable you contact Green Safety Limited for all your Safety needs and solutions, Green Safety is a reliable safety company you can always trust …